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Varivasya Rahasya – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Varivasya Rahasya is a Tantric treatise on Sri Vidya Upasana by the. The Varivasya-Rahasya is an independent treatise and its commentary is by the author himself. The English translation is by Pandit S. Subrahmanya Sastri. Bhaskararaya (Bhāskararāya Makhin) (–) is widely considered an authority on all Varivasya Rahasya, is a commentary on Sri Vidya mantra and worship. The Varivasya Rahasya contains ślokas numbered consecutively.

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The second letter E signifies savitur varcnyam which stands for the worthy generating deity, Kamesvari. His Guptavati had its birth at Cidambaram, in the year Pramoda of Samvat The Samnyasin was struck with awe and climbed down from his arrogant attitude. Bhaskararaya wrote a commentary on the Madhyasiddhantakaumudi of Varadaraja, who was a pupil of Bhattoji Diksita, who himself was a disciple of Appayya Diksita.

Thank you for existing and sharing India’s wonderful heritage and legacy to the world. The tabular statement attached to the book, although based upon the statement published in the Malayalam edition, has been improved upon by me and Mr. Hence, the identity of the Goddess, the Mantra, and the universe is established as hhavartha. He begins his commentary on the Saptadati with a fervent invoca- tion to Sri Sarpkaracarya, the teacher of teachers.

Full text of “Varivasya-rahasya”

The para form is of the nature of Caitanya intelligence and is the object of pure mental contemplation. Saundaryalahari of Sri Sankaracarya with Transliteration. The letter La signifies the earth mahi. There is thus a discrepancy of ten years which requires to be explained.

Owing to other pressing calls on my time in connection with the editing of certain rare works, I was not till now in a position to devote the necessary time and attention for.

Enough if the sense as a whole of the whole sentence is understood. Bhaskararaya mentions, with respect and approval, Appayya Diksita, who lived between a. Those who are merely reciting the different sounds without a knowledge of their meaning may be compared to the donkey carrying a load of sandalwood [grown in the Malaya mountains].

If need be, the whole Mantra may be treated as a single unit, as in the case of asecanaka, vyapti, etc. The Aksara-s inserted in the Sri-cakra, published for the first time in this book, are based on the Sri-cakra published in the Prapancasdra, Sri Vani Vilas Press edition. One rahaeya anecdote may be narrated here.



At that time I could not satisfactorily accomplish the task of rectifying the errors and supplying the omissions, however much I tried to do so. The male form, Vispu, became the material upadana cause of the universe. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Rahsaya passages from his Varivasya- varivwsya, Setubandha and other works are pressed into service in support of this view.

In the realm of metaphysics Bhaskararaya was a convinced adherent and upholder of the Advaitavada, promulgated by the great Saipkara. Krishnasvami Sastrin reached varivvasya hands, as also a Malayalam edition printed about twelve years ago, with sloka-s, and of the text excised and two new sloka-s 1 added at the end, with a Malayalam commentary by Kandiytir Mahadeva Ayyar. Meanwhile an interleaved copy of the printed edition in the possession of Mr.

This work deals with the worship of Sricakra in the various parts of the body without the use of external symbols.

Varivasya Rahasyam – Samaya Sadhana

Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. He who desires, by virtue of which it stands for Brahman; which again conveys the significance of the varivawya Tat [in the Gayatri]. The fourth letter Ha indicates the next six letters bhargo devasya rahaysa. This will help us make recommendations and send discounts and sale information at times. Owing to other pressing calls on my time in connection with the editing of certain rare works, I was not till now in a position to devote the necessary time and attention for bringing out a correct and complete edition of this work.

The chief object of those that have laboured hard for the publication of this work has been to propagate the Sri-vidya, as. A round of daily, monthly and annual festivals was arranged to be performed in the temple of Kaholesa in the Cola country. In this work Bhaskararaya has explained the names of Siva, contained in the Sivdftottarasatanamastotra of the Skandapurdpa.

In the external method, Cakra-s, images and other concrete physical objects are used as emblems and upacara-s are offered to them. According to the Sastra, a person who has undergone the Sodhanyasa becomes one with the Supreme Isvara and he cannot be expected to prostrate himself before any other man who has not undergone the above Nyasa.

This act is con- demned by the Smrti-s, though it has the sanction of the Pancaratra Agama. As this work could be of use only to persons well versed in Sanskrit and in Mantra lore, it was thought expedient to publish an English rendering of the same for the benefit of devoted students not so qualified.

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Krishnasvami Sastrin, Sub-Registrar, when appro- ached for advice regarding the publication of the work, agreeably surprised me by stating that he had two MS. The first or sthula form possesses hands, feet and other bodily organs rahssya can be seen and felt by those who have acquired Mantra- siddhi.

I now realize your greatness. It was he who popularized the Devi- bhdgavata-mahdpurdna and the Adbhutakdnda, varibasya eighth Kanda of the Rdmdyana. I got the rare Pt Raju’s book with a very speedy and positive service from Exotic India.

All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. For ths above reasons the contemporaneity of Bhaskararaya and Narayana Bhatta has to be dismissed as a myth. Great credit is varivsaya doubt due to Mr. The Samnya- sin lost his temper and challenged Varivwsya to prove his statement. Even here the Sastraic warning is given more in the interests of the ordinary man, than with a view to fill the mind of the Initiate with an exaggerated idea of himself.

Krishnasvami Sastrin, varivqsya, with his charac- teristic kindness, undertook to write an introduction to the work, in addition to lending me two of the MSS. The Initiate who has attained God-vision sees God everywhere and his whole life is full of rapture rahasyz divine worship and the difficulty comes in only when such a person is provoked to action by the thoughtless curiosity of the natural man.

Krishnasvami Sastrin, who, with his charac- teristic kindness, undertook to write an introduction to the work, in addition to lending me two of the MSS. Each letter of the Srividya has its own presiding deity and special signification, and a correct knowledge of these meanings and also the full meaning of the entire Mantra is absolutely essential, if its japa meditative repetition is to bring about the desired effects.

I cannot adequately express my sense of obligation to Mr. Another factor has also to be rahaxya in this connec- tion. This is the Samarasyartha of the Vidya.