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Para proceder a la solicitud de tu pasaporte cubano por primera vez, tendrás que proporcionar documentos y datos, que a continuación te enumeramos. 8 Jul Jul 01, Planilla de solicitud de pasaporte cubano pdf 1. Repblica de Cuba Pasaporte. Ministerio del Interior. Direccin de Inmigracin y. Still, this is a perfect planilla de solicitud de pasaporte cubano pdf fans for at least two or three hours and on its streets, many carrying. They basically break.

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Persons arriving in Cuba as tourists shall be subject to the same general regulations applicable to the rest of travelers. Normally the procedure takes two workdays.

Cuando el pasaporte se ha extraviado. Visa application for journalists. Cuando no se tiene pasaporte anterior The Letter of Invitation is valid for one year, to allow the person to choose the appropriate moment to pasaporrte.

Planilla De Solicitud De Pasaporte Cubano

Inviting a Cuban citizen to visit Finland or a Baltic country. Complete the application form and send it to pasa;orte Cuban Embassy with the Passport or the photocopy of the main page. If you use the electronic mail would be ready in two o three weeks. Procedure to obtain a business visa. In this page you can find some application forms you can download to apply for different consular services.

Representaciones Diplomticas De – Planilla De Solicitud De Pasaporte Cubano

Cuba is a signatory country to the Convention on Customs Facilities for Tourism and Cuban national legislation complies with stipulations of the said Convention. Cuando no se tiene pasaporte anterior. The following applies to non-Cuban nationals wishing to planlla married in Cuba: Entry in Cuba will be registered with a stamp on the “Tourist Card”, not on the passport.

Whereabouts searching and others. Books and publications It is not authorized to export books and other publications with editions dated more pasporte 50 paeaporte back, nor the ones marked as belonging to “Ediciones R” or bearing stamps of libraries or other organizations. These documents should be translated into Spanish The Spanish version should be issue by the official translator in typewritten and without corrections or erasures, as an official document as those copies are legalized as well as the original documents.


Send mail to cuba embacuba.

Solicitud de tu pasaporte cubano por primera vez con VaCuba

Items intended to export shall not have, in the opinion of Customs, a commercial character. In general it is understood that the term personal belongings includes items – whether new or used – that a traveler could reasonably require for personal use for the duration of the trip taking into consideration all the circumstances of the voyage and its intermediate stops.

The request person would be covering the return of documents.

Procedimiento para renovar o confeccionar un nuevo pasaporte. Cuando ve pasaporte anterior se ha vencido. Press here to obtain the application form to request a Family Visa. Persons arriving in order to temporarily reside in the country. Once the Embassy communicate that the visa is ready, you must send the passport for to stamp it the authorization for entry to Cuba.

You may obtain the application form directly to the Embassy or through the link above, in MS Word format. Purchase shall be accredited by presenting the relevant “special purchase invoice” -Art items paintings, engravings, handcraft items, etc. The authorization procedure to issue this visa takes at least, 21 days from the date the Embassy receives the completed application form. planillz

These items must be re-exported on cuubano of the tourist. With the application form, send also the Passport or a photocopy of the main page. The invited person have to be older that 18 years old. General Regulations Upon departure from Cuba all travelers: Purchase shall be accredited by presenting pllanilla relevant “special purchase invoice”. The tourist visa is possible to be extended for a second period of 30 days.

The authorization process to issue these visas takes solicktud least 15 days from the date the Embassy receives the completed application forms. Getting married in Cuba? Total a pagar en el momento del otorgamiento: It is possible to use the electronic mail, but the cost additionally would be Presentar el Pasaporte vencido b.


Visa application for travelers. Such items can only be exported under express authorization issued by the National Registry of Cultural Goods.

Pasaporte cubano por primera vez

The fee is Permanent residents in the country shall be subject to the same general regulations applicable to the rest of travelers and must declare regulated or prohibited articles they carry or are part of their personal belongings. Tourist Cards allows you to stay in Cuba for a month. Los ciudadanos cubanos que necesiten Permiso de Entrada PE lo pueden solicitar de la siguiente forma: Depending on the motives for their stay in Cuba they could – in some cases – be entitled to import one light automotive vehicle.

Tourists are entitled to import as personal belongings items described as such in the text of the afore mentioned Convention on Customs Facilities for Tourism, which panilla be admitted into the country as a “temporary admission” with total relief of the payment of Customs taxes.

It shall be possible to export up to an overall value of two thousand 2, Please check application fee and other information at the bottom of the application form. Upon pkanilla from Cuba all travelers: Migratory regulations for travelers. The Tourist Card will be issued as soon as the consulate receives the xubano form. No document can be accepted without the translation into Spanish since the latter is the official language in Cuba and documents in English only or in any other language have no legal status there.