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Click here to give up LPG subsidy online To Join PAHAL(DBTL) and Avail of Regular LPG Services. Online Please Enter Your Digit LPG ID Below. MDBTL Version / Sr. No. Form 4. Mandate for Non-Aadhaar based LPG Subsidy Transfer. (To be submitted to LPG distributor). To,. Distributor (Name). To start receiving your LPG cylinder subsidy directly in your Bank Account you need to become. Cash Transfer Compliant Received ‘Aadhaar LPG Linking Form’ from (Name) For IOCL / Indane: php.

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Till date I have not received confirmation about the change.

In some cases it may take more than usual time we expect. You must visit your gas agency and fill up application form to changing account number. It has done 3 times in last two months but no confirmation came from NPCL.

Without seeing this I closed the bank account. Leave a Xubsidy Cancel reply. I have given service request on with Nos and I had inoperative account with Bank of India. LPG Subsidy is one of the benefits offered by the Indian government to individuals, while procuring their gas cylinders for the month.

Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy – Online Method |

In case, individuals have not received their subsidy even after this period, they can contact the DBTL Grievance Cell.

Wait until this is indanf and start receiving Subsidy to the new bank. Plz give me a suitable advice to overcome this problem. Online as well as offline.

Click here to Download Form no.

In order to apply for this scheme, individuals will have to compulsorily provide their Eubsidy card details. If yes then how? Submitted by Pushpendra Chau If yes then kindly tell me the process. But to no avail even after waiting for long periods. Although Aadhar is linked in Gas Office and Bank as well but subsidy has not been credited.


Kindly brief me the offline procedure for availing the subsidy which is due since April when the bank’s branch was merged with another branch. Selecting your account number and aadhaar number to be done. Please tell me how to get subsidy in aadhar linked existing accounts. It is basically two part procedure in which first part is the registration of Aadhaar and linking it to your Vorm account. No its not required. Private Sector Commercial Banks in India. I dont want vas sbi.

The central government is looking to bring accountability into every aspect of the economy and has used subsidies to lure people into giving up extra LPG cylinders. Give the necessary data to the fields and submit.

LPG Subsidy Registration for Indane -With/without Aadhar Card

How long will it take for the indwne. Individuals are advised to wait for a minimum period of 4 days post which they can call the toll free number In case problems still persist, individuals can contact the DBTL helpline.

Applying for a gas connection is easy! Alternatively, they can link their Aadhaar card indan another bank account. In this Susbidy, we have given the Links to Download the Application forms. Banking Institutions In India. In case there is no failed transaction and the amount has rorm transferred but the individual has not received, then individuals can visit the bank branch with their Aadhaar card.


After downloading, taking print out and submitting the form number 1, you need to submit the form number 2 at the office of your LPG distributor for linking the aadhar card details to your LPG connection. Create your profile using your consumer id, email and other basic details. Now I am not getting subsidy and dont know a way out. Sir,from September we didnt received our gas subsidy as my husband closed his personal account.

Hoping your issue will be resolved. Click here to Download Form 2. Fill the fields and submit for OTP. Give the necessary input into the fields: I already set up in sbi for receving subskdy subsidy. You should wait enough time after changing account details. I want to change my bank account details for LPG Subsidy what is the procedure??

Download LPG Subsidy Forms | Form 1,2,3,4 PDF –

The government has introduced the DBTL PAHAL scheme, that allows individuals to receive their subsidy directly into their bank accounts, so as to facilitate easy transfer of funds as well as to prevent fraudulent transactions and misuse of the subsidy.

Once the cylinder has been delivered, it takes individuals a period of days for their subsidy to be reflected in their subsidj account. If you are a HP Gas consumer,Go to myhpgas.

Don’t response to your previous bank’s notification about this change.