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6 Aug The Winning Way Learnings from Sport for Managers By Anita Bhogle Eminent sports media personality Harsha Bhogle and his wife Anita, a ‘quant’ And even the book’s ‘middle order’ has rich lessons from sports that. 27 Feb The Winning Way a debut book by Anita and Harsha Bhogle who passed out their PGDM course from IIM-A have made assiduous efforts to. Written by Anita Bhogle, Harsha Bhogle, narrated by Harsha Bhogle. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Losing brings along abundant life lessons and winning highers the degree of burden on a team. All work and no play, but in a good way This convertible is squarely aimed at businesses and professionals and does that job well.

He draws parallels between the business world and the world of cricket. Better insightful books have written on this subject. The Winning Way robs me of five points to emerge as the winner. And you can always come back and read the bullet points given at the end of each chapter just to remind yourself about the aspects explained in the book.

When I harzha saw this book on stands in Crossword, I was naturally interested.

The Winning Way – Book Review

It will make you understand why you have not been able to grow as quickly as others in hierarchy as this book makes you realize the mistakes you have been doing all along. Precisely, the reason for the book to take form winnng an entrepreneurial handbook. A deceptively small book that packs a punch! I give this book 3.

The Winning Way: Learnings from sport for managers by Anita Bhogle

But the way the authors’ POVs were linked to sport made the message easy to understand. It does lack research and picks up very focussed group of people across chapters. Trivia About The Winning Way: Though India has a huge demographic dividend, it risks neutralising this, with jobless growth staring us in Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Return to Book Page. Harsha Bhogle as always, short and well articulated, summaries the leadership skills and qualities. Even I do follow those sports, still I don’t want to read each and every thing to make a point out of it. Why there will always be scams.

Sports meets biz

I know he’s God but I didn’t read this book to recite mantra. The authors, Harsha Bhogle and Anita Bhogle present an adept understanding of sport techniques pertaining to soft skills necessary winnkng acquire efficiency through profitable team work and the implication of it.

The Winning Way blends the field of pure management and Cricket together and tells us how both are inter-related with each other. And over the course of the next pages it substantiates these similarities with abundant examples from all kinds of sports bhoglle from Cricket to Basketball.

On the other hand, I did encounter some minor functional issues some awkward grammar, and constant use of specific cricket terminology, of which I am personally unfamiliarbut these failed to hinder my comprehension. I got a lot from this book, and in surprising areas of study. Aug 13, Rohit Gupta rated it really liked it. Sep 15, Sambasivan rated it really liked it.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The President in his crazytown. But, then after chapters start looking repetitive which is a very common problem with these kind of books.

Overall a must read for everyone. And then it teaches us how by taking an example from the same, we can apply it in our daily lives at organization and produce the same impossible results and win the already lost fight. Apr 24, Dipesh Mehta rated it it was amazing. The book is not able to go beyond wlnning first level of setting the direction in which to think about building a winning team.


There buogle no discussion topics bhigle this book yet. You will be binged by unwanted info for a very few points to ponder. All in all, I learned from this book, and enjoyably so.

Where Hindustan Unilever Limited continuously modified Lifebouy to meet the changing customer needs, our Indian cricket players and coaches have continuously adapted to the new format of T20 cricket and evolved as world leaders in less than three years by winning the T20 World Cup.

The whole book is not very coherent.

The whole book is no Harsha Bhogle tries to draw analogies between sports esp Cricket and business, how leaders solving problems in their respective sport can be used in a business scenario. The second area where the book lags is that the ideas start sounding repetitive in the later chapters. No small change this. For instance, the authors posit that an important part of the winning cycle is for teams to not only nurture talent, but to wield the hatchet — even against superstars, when they are over the hill.

Passable, low in depth, better to hear Harsha in person First what i liked: Mar 21, Harsh Khoont rated it it was amazing. New insights into cricket and other sports. However, this same knowledge is applicable far beyond the realms of sports and business, extending, for the most part, to life and conduct at large.