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29 Dec DoD R – Information Security Program – has been replaced with DoDM Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4. Search “” on the DTIC site. 24 Feb DoD R has been reissued as a new Manual. Department of Defense Manual Number , Volumes 1 through 4 have been. 2 Apr (a)) and DoD Instruction (DoDI) (Reference (b)), is to reissue DoD R. (Reference (c)) as a DoD manual (DoDM) to implement.

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Information over which the Department of Defense exercises exclusive or final original classification authority and that has been recommended for continued protection by the responsible reviewer in accordance with the guidelines developed under 520.1-r shall be identified by category by the reviewer and referred through established channels to the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of a Military Department, as appropriate.

Federal Privacy Rule Appendix A

When key-operated high security padlocks are used, keys shall be controlled as classified information with classification equal to the classification of the information being protected and: Insert day, month and year for declassification, e. Under emergency destruction ddod, destruction equipment would be operated at maximum capacity and without regard to pollution, preventive maintenance, and other restraints that might otherwise be observed.

Request, when appropriate, that the Component or outside agency notify the referring office of its determination, e. Secret and Confidential Authorities.

Information Security Supplement to DoD R

The 5200.1-f office shall acknowledge receipt of the request. That office shall also be advised of any disagreement at any echelon if it appears that prompt resolution is not likely, Final Decision Disagreements between Department of Defense Component headquarters, if not resolved promptly, shall be referred for final resolution to the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense Policy.

Cod overall classification of the document see para ; 4. In arriving at the latter decision, the classifier must exercise careful judgment as to how far in the future the basis for original classification will remain valid, Only in cases where a specific determination has been made that earlier declassification should not be accomplished, may original classification authorities specify declassification dates or events at the limit of their authority as prescribed in paragraph l-6QOc of this Dos.

When such determination is within categories b or c of subparagraph 1.

However, should a determination be made under Section 3, Chapter II to extend classification beyond the declassification date or event specified by IV the CDS, the document or material shall be remarked in accordance with paragraph b.


When individual documents or materials are permanently withdrawn 52001.-r storage units, they shall be remarked promptly as prescribed by paragraph Volume and type of Priority One material held by the activity, i. GSA-approved containers sod have been drilled in a location or repaired in a manner other than as described in paragraph a.

When a request is received for information classified by another Department of Defense Component or an agency outside the Department of Defense, the designated office shall: Prepare and submit for publication all system notices and amendments and alterations thereto.

S-RD N This is the classified subparagraph. Classifiers are accountable for the propriety of the dood cations they assign, whether by exercise of original classification authority or by derivative classification. However, holders should continue classification until advised to the contrary by a competent Government authority.

At the time of original classification, the following shall be shown on the face of paper copies of originally classified documents: Advance classification planning is an essential part of the development of any plan, operation, program, research and development project, or procurement action that involves classified information.

The guidance shall conform to the requirements contained in Section A of this Chapter. Designation by means other than physical marking may be used but shall be followed by physical marking as soon as possible, Purpose of Designation Designation by physical marking, notation, or other means serves to warn the holder about the classification of the information involved; to indicate the degree of protection against unauthorized disclosure that is required for that particular level of classification; and to facilitate downgrading and declassification actions, Exception No article which has appeared, in whole or in part, in newspapers, magazines or elsewhere in the public domain, or any copy thereof, that is being reviewed and evaluated to compare its content with classified information that is being safeguarded in the Department of Defense by security classification, may be marked with any security classification, control or other kind of restrictive marking.

Upon learning that a compromise or probable compromise has occurred, any official having original classification jurisdiction over related information shall reevaluate the related information and deter- mine whether one of the courses of action enumerated in paragraph a. Persons outside the Executive Branch who are engaged in historical research projects may be authorized access to classified information provided that the agency with classification juris- diction over the information: This Regulation shall become effective on December 1,except that the provisions of paragraph b shall be effective immediately.

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If marking the material or container is not practicable, written notification of the security classification and declassification instructions shall be furnished to recipients.

Built-in combination locks shall be reset to the standard combination Dates or events on which automatic declassification should occur shall be as early as possible consistent with the national security and, except as provided in paragraph c.

Downgrade to on See Note 10 Message Abbreviation: Skip to main content Press Enter. Unless a requirement exists to retain this type of material or documents for a specific purpose, there is no need to mark, stamp, or otherwise doe that the information is classified.

These principles are equally applicable if the prospective recipient is an organizational entity, including commands, other Federal Agencies, Defense contractors, foreign governments, and others. Delegations of original classification authority shall be limited to the minimum number required for efficient administration and to those officials whose duties involve the origination and evaluation of information warranting classification at the level stated in the delegation.

If such guidelines are not available or authorized for use by Department of Defense personnel, the information shall be referred to the responsible agency. The Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data markings paragraphs and are, in themselves, evidence of extend e classification.

In marking sections, parts, paragraphs, subparagraphsor similar portions, the parenthetical symbols ” TS ” for Top Secret, ” S ” for Secret, ” C ” for Confidential, arid ” U ” for unclassified, shall be used. Plans shall be developed for the protection, removal, or de- struction of classified material in case of fire, natural disaster, civil disturbance, or enemy action.

If the guide specifies a declassification date or event 20 years or less from the date of original classification, that date or event shall be applied to the new material. Such a written joint arrangement may be evidenced by an exchange of letters, a memorandum of understanding, or other written record.

The do or event for automatic declassification or for review for declassification; 5.