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CD3MN; 4A. Cast UNS: J Cast Grade: CD3MN; 4A. Cast ASTM: A, A, 4A (CENT, INVEST, SAND). Wrought UNS: S Wrought Grade: 22 Jan Thus, the corrosion behavior of ASTM A/A M GR 5A super duplex stainless steels (SDSS) has been investigated in aqueous 60, Last previous edition approved in as A/AM – DOI: / A_AM 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website.

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As a general tendency, the potential increased as soon as the samples were immersed in the electrolyte and then stabilized after about s.

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The surface of the specimen subject to an anodic polarization was observed just after the test by optical microscopy. Preparing for a Plant Outage. Services on Demand Journal. Manufacturing 21st Century Style: Effect of applied potential on passivation and erosion-corrosion of a Fe-based amorphous metallic coating under slurry impingement.

December 07, ; Accepted: These spikes are especially present for the sample aged for 10 h and are considered to be related to film breakdown and the repassivation process associated with metastable pitting. The chemical composition and the PRE index for this alloy are presented in Table 1.


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The peak current value increased with the aging time; the highest peak value was for the sample aged for h. The pit morphologies formed on the surface specimens were observed by optical microscopy and are shown in Figure 5.

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Effect of microstructure on corrosion behavior of super duplex stainless steel at critical environment conditions. For sample aged for 50 asstm, a increase in the current density value was observed. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. In contrast, the hardness of austenite phase remains essentially unchanged, indicating that the austenite is unaffected by the aging treatment.

Polarization and chronoamperometry tests were started after a nearly steady-state open circuit potential OCP had developed around one hour. The surface analysis after the anodic polarization test reveals the presence of pits. A imposes several other requirements that are not included in A nor A Looking for a career in the Valve Industry?

The heat treatment temperature and time strongly affect the amount, composition and morphology of the ferrite and austenite phases of duplex stainless steels 24 Thereby, the variation of the Cr concentration markedly affects the passive film stability. The typical anodic polarization behavior of a stainless steel in NaCl solution consists of active dissolution around the anodic peakpassivity, and a rapid increase of the current density. A higher OCP usually indicates an increase in the passivation ability of the steel.

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Heat Treatment Effects on ASTM A/A M GR 5A Super Duplex Stainless Steel Passivity

However, current oscillations of short duration were detected. The electrochemical behavior and characterization of the anodic oxide film formed on titanium in NaOH solutions.

Intergranular Corrosion of Steels and Alloys. A valve company took exception, and indicated that duplex valve bodies and bonnets would be supplied per ASTM A The mean and standard deviation values were obtained based on ten prints in each phase.

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A qualitative evaluation of impedance was zstm into account in the effect of potential on the diagrams. Emerson to Automate Sonatrach Gas Processing. The polarization resistance, R pis commonly used as a measure of the resistance of a metal to corrosion damage.

Asfm morphological change is governed by the degree of passivity of oxide films formed on the specimen as function of aging time. Electric Actuator Commissioning Post: To determine the microhardness values of the phases and correlate them with the aging treatment time, Vickers microhardness measurements were performed with a load of gf and the holding time for the measurements was 15 s.